Gentleman's Philosophy

Are We a Part of the “Manosphere”?

Afternoon gents, it’s Max from The Young Gentleman’s Guide here! So today’s article is going to be tackling a bit of a difficult question to answer, mainly because I’m going to be discussing some controversial people and concepts, but I feel like this is an important conversation to have at the present time. So, those of you reading have likely heard about the massive controversies surrounding social media personality Andrew Tate, and with his recent arrest in Romania, conversations about Tate and the principles he espouses are being more hotly discussed than ever. However, it’s not just Andrew Tate at the forefront of these discussions. The controversies surrounding Tate have also led to a broader discussion about the “manosphere” in general. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the “manosphere” is defined as “Websites and internet discussion groups that are concerned with men’s interests and rights as opposed to women’s, often connected with opposition to feminism or dislike of women.” While Andrew Tate is often presented as the face and leader of the “manosphere”, this subculture also consists of other websites and publications that espouse very similar talking points. However, we will mainly be focusing on Tate himself in this article as a means of answering this question: is The Young Gentleman’s Guide a part of the so-called “manosphere” that Andrew Tate is such a prominent leader of? Hopefully by the end of this article, I will have answered that question clearly. So without any further delay, let’s get started.