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4 Role Models for Young Gentlemen

Afternoon gents, it’s Max from The Young Gentleman’s Guide here! So today, I’m going to get a bit more broad and general than most of my other articles, because today I’m going to talk about four (4) gentlemen who I believe are the best role models for any young gentlemen to look up to. These can be celebrities, historical figures, other online creators like myself, or anything in between. I thought this would be a fun list to make because these are, more or less, the gentlemen who have inspired me the most, and I thought they would help inspire you young gents reading this. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

1. Brett McKay


This man is actually the reason I’m even writing this blog at all! Brett McKay is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Art of Manliness, the largest independent men’s lifestyle magazine on the web. He was the first to truly introduce me to the men’s lifestyle that I write about today thanks to the book my godmother got me when I was in high school that was actually a giant compilation of a bunch of his articles. In any case, this guy has a lot of stuff to say about being a gentleman, from fashion to etiquette and beyond. He has the answer to pretty much any question that a young gentleman may have, so please be sure to check him out!

2. Theodore Roosevelt

Featured Image -- 2010

Our nation’s 26th president of course had to be on the list! I actually wrote an article that goes into much more depth about Teddy over on the Classy Libertarian, so be sure to check it out right here if you’re interested. But in short, if you had to tell me who the personification of the word “masculine” would be, I would probably say Teddy Roosevelt. Not only was he a very friendly and charismatic leader and politician, but he was also a hunter, an outdoorsman, an explorer, a mountain climber, a boxer, and a naturalist. It’s mostly thanks to him that we have the National Parks that we all know and love today. He’s a part of Mt. Rushmore for a very good reason.

3. Chris Pratt

1810700 _CA_sneaks_chris_pratt_RRD_

As weird as it might be to see a Hollywood celebrity on this list, Chris Pratt is somewhat of an oddball in Hollywood. He is definitely more right-leaning than a lot of other Hollywood actors are, and while I’m not here to tell you which way to lean politically, it’s certainly refreshing to see in a world as largely left-leaning as Hollywood. He is also openly religious, making it a point to say that God is real during his acceptance speech at the MTV music awards. Even after the recent controversy surrounding his faith arose a couple weeks ago, Pratt still stood his ground and continued to stand up for what he believes in. On top of this, those who follow him on social media know that he is a real family man. Even after he and his wife Anna Faris split up, he still does whatever is necessary to provide for himself, his son, and his now fiance, Katherine Schwarzenegger. Such things involve hunting and farming (yes, this guy is a farmer). In short, Chris Pratt is a very reverent family man who stands up for himself and his beliefs, is an avid hunter, and a working farmer to help provide for his family. If that isn’t an admirable role model for young gentlemen today, I don’t know what is.

4. Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller Post

This is another guy whom I’ve written an article about before, which you can check out right here if you want some more details. In short, this bandleader was, another personification of what a true gentleman should be. Coming from rather humble beginnings, he had a vision of creating his own musical sound, and stopped at nothing in order to find it. After becoming a hit, he didn’t simply use his music as a means of making money, though he did certainly make money from his music. More importantly, he used his music as a way to help people, particularly the Allies fighting as World War II. After being drafted into the war effort, Miller started using his music as a way to build morale for the allies on the battlefield. He used it as a way to keep their spirits up when morale was at an all-time low, something that would be extremely important back when the average soldier was the American everyman. That’s what made Miller such an admirable gentleman. He used his art as a way to help the little guy and remind him of home, he didn’t just do it as a way to achieve money or fame.

So there it is! Four (4) gentlemen who I believe are the best role models for young gentlemen to look up to. I’m more than positive that there are much more gents like this out there, so if you’d like to see some more lists like this, please let me know, this was a fun list to make! In any case, I hope you enjoyed reading today’s article. Please be sure to share the article, follow the blog, follow The Young Gentleman’s Guide on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and support us on Patreon. And on that note, this is Max from The Young Gentleman’s Guide, and I’ll see you next time!


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