Disneyland Through the Years: The Perfect Date Spot!

Afternoon gents, it’s Max from The Young Gentleman’s Guide here! If you know me personally, then you probably know that I love anything Disney, and by extension, Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California. I’ve been to Disneyland so much that I practically have the entire layout of the park implanted in my brain. So today, I thought it would be fun to show some pictures of Disneyland over the years, and also explain why it makes for the perfect date location!

Disclaimer: Disneyland can be difficult to drive to if you don’t live in California, southern California in particular. Plus, tickets to Disneyland can be ridiculously expensive, so just keep all of that in mind before making a decision about making the trip out there.

Aerial view of the park in 1969

Since its opening on July 17, 1955, Disneyland has practically become an icon of American culture, especially its youth. It was the perfect culmination of Walt Disney’s visions and dreams, with him hoping that it would “be a source of joy and inspiration to all the world.” And sixty-three years later, I would say his hopes have been realized! The true joy of Disneyland lies in being young at heart. It’s a place where people can reminisce about their childhoods with their favorite Disney characters, or simply just unwind and feel like a child again. While I’m obviously not saying that we should all be man-children, I think it’s still important to let nostalgia take over for a little bit and to let out your inner child run free. It’s a perfect way to unwind and make you a little happier. And that’s what makes it such a great date location.

Workers constructing the Matterhorn Bobsleds

It should come as no surprise a couple wants to be happy at the end of the day, so why not spend some time at the place that’s been called the “Happiest Place on Earth”? There are so many things you and your lady can do while at the Magic Kingdom! You can get a bite to eat and a show at the Golden Horseshoe Saloon, you can see performances of Fantasmic! or World of Color, you can take trip across the Rivers of America on the Mark Twain riverboat, and of course, you can go on the myriad of rides. You can adventure all around the jungle on the Jungle Cruise or Indiana Jones, you can warp through the stars on Star Tours and Space Mountain, or you can take a tour through a Haunted Mansion. And if you’d like a ride that has a bit more of a romantic flair, I would personally suggest the Storybook Land canal.  It’s got such a pleasant and romantic atmosphere, especially at night.

The first iteration of Space Mountain in 1977

Ultimately what I’m getting at is that Disneyland is the perfect place to unwind and spend time with your special lady. There are so many things you can do, interactive or otherwise, and it allows you both to just let your inner child run free for a little bit. Disneyland was conceived as a place where anyone, young or old, can reminisce about their childhoods, raise hopes about their future, and in general be happy. Of course, nothing is better for a couple than being happy together, and if you’re looking for something to do that you’ll both enjoy, a trip to Disneyland may be the perfect choice! In any case, I hope you enjoyed reading today’s article. Please be sure to share the article, follow the blog, follow The Young Gentleman’s Guide on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram, and support us on Patreon. And on that note, this is Max from The Young Gentleman’s Guide, and I’ll leave you with some more photos of Disneyland over the years. I’ll see you next time!

Mermaids were once a staple of the submarine lagoon
A Disneyland parade in the 1970s
C-3PO, Mickey Mouse, and R2-D2 at the premiere of Star Tours in 1987
Aladdin’s Genie leading a parade in 1993
The climax of the Fantasmic! show in Disneyland
California Adventure’s World of Color show

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